Monday, April 9, 2012

R-22 is Being Phased Out

R-22 Prices go Up Fast

The R-22 refrigerant has quadrupled in price over the last 30 days so all you customers with old R-22 systems need to start budgeting for the new high-efficiency 410-A air-conditioners. The new systems will pay for themselves within five years on the energy savings they will get. R-22 refrigerant cost sky rocket through the roof with 300% cost increases. This impact will cost our Commercial & Residential home owner another 30% on freon related repairs.

According to Air Conditioning Contractors of America recent actions by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding HCFCs have led to uncertainty about the availability of R-22 in the coming months and years. In response, contractors have noticed a ramp-up in the chatter about R-22 and price changes as some manufacturers and importers have amended their sales policies.

This situation is the culmination of several factors, including the continued implementation of the federal government’s policies regarding HCFCs, current market conditions, and delays in the regulatory process. As most contractors know, the EPA controls the production of HCFCs, including the refrigerant known as R-22, through allowances that limit how much each gas manufacturer and importer can produce or import in a given year. Under the implementation of the Montreal Protocol, the production and use of R-22 is slowly being phased out, hence the price increase. We are trying to make the transition to the high-efficiency 410-A air-conditioners. So keep this in mind when your repair prices start going through the roof and start saving now for the new higher efficiency unit that uses 410-A. For more information please visit:

Monday, April 2, 2012

Get Ready for Summer

Summer is Fast Approaching... Make Sure to get your Regular Service & Maintenance

Make sure your AC system is ready for the brutal Florida summer. Maintenance and service of the equipment for the upcoming season is crucial. In order to get ready for the hot conditions – make sure your filter is changed on a regular basis and your thermostat is set at 78-80 degrees when you are not home.

Tips for our residential customers: Always add a cup of bleach in the drain line whenever you change the filter and remember to do this once a month and a good idea is to do this when you get the power bill. If the filters are dirty the machine will run harder and longer and will drive up your energy costs. Need to learn how to change your filter or clean your drain line – call us today!

If you need a Schwenn technician to service your unit please call us to schedule an appointment at (407)-895-7550. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Winter Park Road Race - 10k

Office 10k in Winter Park

Well the Schwenn Office was challenged to a foot race in the Winter Park Road Race. It is a 10K which equates to 6.2 Miles of running through the streets of Winter Park. Our Challenger was a CPA firm, which I will not mentioned to protect their identity. I accepted the Challenge and then told 3 other members from our firm, Jeff Schwenneker Jr. Jenifer Schwenneker & Cynthia Marino. I figured since it was our accounting firm that made the challenge I might as well include the finance department to run lol. After 6 weeks of training , we were off, i-pods on, watches started, the Schwenn team was off and running. For the next hour we were, sweating, breathing "if we could", looking over our shoulders as we one by one crossed the finish line, collecting medals and looking for the volunteer with the water.

When the dust settled we all defeated our challengers and won the challenge - Lunch at Bahama Breeze. It is always so much fun to get away from the office with co-workers and do something as a Schwenn team. Congrats to Jeff Schwenneker Sr., Cynthia, Jeff Jr. & Jennifer for rising to the challenge and going out there and taking care of business. GO!! Team Schwenn!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Schwenn Services Welcomes

New Members to Schwenns Services' Team

Schwenn Services would like to welcome the following to the Schwenn Team:

Ron Snyder- Estimator
James Johnson - Mechanic
Jeff Keller - Service Technician
Cody Cheshire - Service Technician
Dwayne Sexton - Refrigeration/Piping
Dustin Crowe – Mechanic

We look forward to working with each of you!